Holi – होली

Everyone is fair game. Friend or stranger, rich or poor. Man or woman, young and old.

Spring has arrived and winter has gone.

Evil is destroyed in the consuming fire. Kama returns and Rhada’s face is coloured. We make amends and let go of debts. A day to end conflict and mend our broken past. A day to learn the wisdom of forgiving and forgetting. Of turning to laughter and play to repair our relationships, welcome the new and celebrate together.

Kurentovanje – carnivale

“Battle between Carnival and Lent,” 1559.

Eggs, milk, butter, lard, and flour, it’s time now winter to say goodbye.

Martedi grasso, masopust, fastnacht – we toast the carne vale. With wooden clubs and hedgehog skins and beads, dubloons and throws. Then in fancy dress and masquerade into the street we go. Prepenitent and full of food to ring the pancake bell. Malasadas and fastlagsbulles, laskiaispulla for Bonhomme. We eat and dance and drink and sing, for the season that’s to come.

Mahashivaratri – महाशिवरात्रि

A belated Mahashivaratri to all. On this full dark night of prayer and contemplation may we come to understand and welcome the dance of life evident in every cell. The source of creation, preservation and dissolution joined to fertility, love and devotion so that we may be gentle and nurturing and free of ignorance and evil.

picture tuesday – skate away


Skate Away ..you think of freedom, exhilaration and speeding away from all your cares and it is. For thousands of Canadians, the chance to skate away is a reality every year. And even in the midst of crowds the space always remains for that total dash for freedom.


For people in Ottawa since the 1970’s there has been the Ottawa canal. Open and maintained 24 hours a day this 7.8km rink cuts through the city to provide a sunny Sunday break or a students route to class. A fast and pleasant means to work for those who live along its route even in the midst of winter reminding us who we are.