picture tuesday – harlem nocturne



Duke Ellington. Ever since I was young I have loved the sound of both his piano and orchestra. His is a sound and inspiration I would trade many others for. My desert island pic.




foto friday – inspiration


It often occurs to me that taking a good photograph is not necessarily hidden in the subject matter as much as it is what the photographer brings to it.

Blending a lifetime of experiences and inspiration together to bear on a single moment of understanding and expression is a wonderful experience and even more satisfying when it can be shared.

I will be away for the next couple of weeks (until November) and have decided to share some of the joy and celebration that has gone into my understanding of the world.

Through the years music has probably played a larger role in my life than any other factor. Looking back I know it informs me as much as anything I see and it’s my intention to share one piece per post until I return.

wisdom wednesday

Since my stroke back in 2014, I have been struggling just a little bit harder with a number of mental health issues. Mostly they have centered around organization, planning and memory, but sometimes, it’s a little more overwhelming.

The last couple of months have been a case in point. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling around North America since the spring, a chance to take my eyes ‘on the road’. I’ve spent a fair bit of my life travelling, and it has always been a combination of inspiration and pleasure. But like life, things never remain the same.

I was way out of my comfort zone without knowing it, and it took some time to figure out what was going on. Not having a reliable routine, or stable expectations were far more important than I thought. The constant press of new situations were difficult to process and internalize.

But most of all was the building sense of loss  – of mobility and resilience and skills. Things that were once easy were now hard. That I was proud of were now gone. That I owned were now lost. And the grief was hidden and hard to control.

Thankfully I am blessed with a caring and wonderful partner, three dogs and a program of recovery that has given me a life filled with grace.  And I’m not sure that I have any words of wisdom other than to say, take time to love those around you, spend more time with nature and make sure to be good to yourself.

I learned that before water flows, it must fill all the hollows and this is good enough for me to know for today.

Glad to be back – and many thanks to those who have continued to follow, you have often been in my thoughts.