foto friday – venerable star

20171207 shouxing


The thought has been occuring to me lately that every venerable and wise man I can think of has a good walking stick or staff.

Some have a cane which is respectable enough but as there are short walking sticks to be had it’s not the same.  To me, Charlie Chaplin seems to sit somewhere at the edge of this line.

Equally I suspect, carbon fibre and aluminium alloy won’t find themselves in the hands of the venerable or even the wise. Smart maybe. But smart isn’t always wisdom.


picture tuesday – the last warm light

20171114 brdwalk

South March Highlands, ON

I’m always amazed how nature changes so fast. And lucky to catch the last of the seasons display.

Bursting with colour and warmth only two weeks ago, winter has arrived with advancing greys, dampness and pale light.

The shift is sometimes so rapid it astounds me. Massive blocks of air sweeping down from the arctic while the sun, low on the horizon, does it’s best to provide light. Gone is the thought of heat in it’s rays.  Any warmth we might see from now on, will come from giant oceans far away to the south.

There’s already more than 2″ of ice on the water and the woods are virtually silent. Eeven in the mid-afternoon.

The world looks different now with the stark structure of land beginning to emerge from the trees.

à bientôt…..



picture tuesday – mt. rushmore

20171106 mt rushmore 03

20171106 mt rushmore 02

20171106 mt rushmore 01

Mt. Rushmore, SD


The Black Hills of South Dakota are perhaps one of the most sacred places in North America.

With four thousand archaeological sites spanning a period of  12,000 years, they are still worshipped by the Lakota as “the heart of everything that is”.

The Black Hills are also the home of Mt. Rushmore. Visited by  2.4 million tourists last year.